Horrific cries, so thankful not to die, anchored down by this demonic force
No machine will offer us remorse
Before my eyes, chamber of war orphans, skin torn like rags, beyond the foreground lies
Dark shattered skies

Stench of gasoline runs thick on the winds and my senses inhibited by nuclear dust
Awaken the end of days. a ruin of mankind through machines so they must all fucking die

I walk in situ with the veterans
I've come to reclaim my tower
I will walk amongst the biodroids
I've come to reclaim my power

A dozen left but yielding the strength of a thousand armies
Unwilling to be erased so we walk as a whisper amongst the winds

Swift clash of steel, the seizure of machines
Send this burden from whence it came
Let the sky inhale their flames

This is our reclamation.

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