If i could have one wish, all i'd ask is this,
Could i make your dreams come true?
Sweep you right off your feet, the same way you did me,
I just wanna give you…

Every little piece of the world you dream of,
Every little piece of your heart kept full,
Nothings gonna stop you running,
I wanna be the one you're running to….

So lets jump off the mountain,
And lets see where we will land,
No-ones gonna stop us coming,
You and i are gonna make a stand.

The highways dead at night, it's time to make our flight,
You, i and the radio,
Our fuel is coming to nil, with no gas station to fill,
But our lucks good to go,
Camping on the beach, with the whiskey and the sea on the shore,
Do we need any more? i don't need anymore.

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