Feeling hollow,I am what I am
I look at the image the mirror reflects
As I stand in front of it
All I can see's nothing but
A twisted, fading image

Multiple beings within this kingdom of mind
I can't comprehend what is happening
Inside my head:
Another failure,the plot suddenly falls apart
Those golden paths once I could see
Are now fading to grey but grey is still black
Grey is still... Grey is still black

Even my attempt to become invisible
Has failed because of my precious
But yet dangerous ambition
That's my total decay
Something strange this way comes
I feel like drifting away
This sickness is entangling me
In a spiral of suffering

I feel the strenght of a million souls
Flowing through my veins
And trying to struggle out of me
My feelings are just what I deserve
I am ready to take the fatal step
And to enjoy the sense of demise
As I'm leaving the clouds are hiding the sun
Deep inside my heart I hope that this vision
Could last forever

Peace is what I seek because my life has been
A constant battle, a fight against my
Multiple personality!
At last the entity of this earthly existence
Is slowly fading away
But my twin spirit and the love I feel for her
Make me wanting to steal
Another hour of this life to admire
All the things that are greater than men

Planets will continue their endless cycle
Mountains will keep on showing
Their magniloquent mass
As for me, I will arise and with my new incarnation
Unleash the same ancient forces
That brought me on earth.

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