Going crazy my heart is breaking
I can't sleep at all
Trying to get through this
Don't know how i'll do this
I know that i only got myself to blame
(only got myself to blame)
But that doesn`t help to ease the pain
(doesn`t help to ease the pain)
I'll just die if i can't see your face

Until you come back
I can't breath
Until you come back
I got no reason
Got my heart, my heart down on its knees
I still need you beside me

Now it's morning
You`re still gone and
I still reach for you (still reach for you)
Don't know how to
Live without you
I will, i can take back all the hurt i've caused
(take back all the hurt i've caused)
If i could give back all the love i lost
(give back all the love i lost)
The price i pay is just too high of a cost yea


Please forgive me (forgive me)
If we had one more chance in your life
(one more chance in your life)
Till you`re with me
I'll be half a life


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