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Out In My City (feat. Dolla)


Ridin through them city blocks
I hear that money callin
Nina on my waist
In case the wanna get it started
Barley trust myself so I be dammed to trust nobody
Plottin to move me out of my spot
Cus Out n my city
You know what it's like
To bust back
You know what it's like
To sell crack
You know what it's like
To count stacks

Out here in my city niggas don't show pitty
Hold me a pitty thats one too many
Squeeze my semi til that shit get empty
Cannon go boom like a nigga no pitty
When I get the room better run like hit me
One goon with me hands out like gimme
Silly ain't no hand out here
Gotta grind hard like a man out here
One bird too many snitches
3 Niggas, 4 bitches
5 other rides, got 6 outside
Altoghter nigga 7 figures
8 Ball got me rich
Nine on my side nigga I don't slip
Take one of mine, Imma take you to there
Cus out here in my city niggas don't play fair, hell nah
East Atlanta

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