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Someone (feat. Keith Sweat)


[Intro - Lil' Mo] (Keith)
(Mmm) People think it's easy out here
You know, they see us in the fancy cars
Fly clothes (oh yes they do)
A little bling to wear, nahmean?
Well, it's not easy
You have all that, ain't got nobody to share it with
(Oh no) Been tryin' to find somebody, it's crazy (oh no)

If I go to the club
They just wanna take me home
Just tryin' to have a good time
Just wanna get my drink on
If I go to the mall
They come in the store
I'm just tryin' to chill
Said I'm just tryin' to chill

[Lil' Mo] (Keith)
I don't know if they think
This is the glamorous life (oh yes they do)
They wanna share the life with me (yeah, yeah, yeah)
But what's a girl who gave all of her up in the lights (oh, lights)
It won't lead to anything (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Keith and Lil' Mo]
I'll trade a million bucks
For someone's love who don't come with a price
I'll trade in all my cars
For someone who will love me for life

They can take away my platinum plaques
That fame and fortune, dont mean a thing
I'll trade a lifetime just to find someone
Who will love me just for me

[Lil' Mo]
Gotta change my phone
Cuz they call my crib
Just want some privacy
Just tryin' to live
If I'd have known
It woulda been this way
Woulda found a man a long time ago

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