I never thought dreams could happen
Until one came true for me
Since I met Judy
Since I met Judy
My life has been one sweet melody
Yeah! Yeah!
I never thought I could welcome
Two other hearts as I do
Oh, since I met Judy
Since I met Judy
Well it's been a real hip thing I'm telling you
Oh, saying that I want Judy
Talking about beauty
She's got it
I know she's got it
Her sweet little ways
Mean so much to me
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
I'm making mine Judy
To love her! Got her! Got her! Yeah! Yeah!
Gonna keep her right here with me
Yeah! Oh yeah!
Now I find it hard to believe, that I'm happy
All my pains and heartaches are all gone
So glad I can tell the world
Since I met Judy
Since I met Judy
Well my life has been one sweet song
I won't be worried long
If you think I'm gonna leave her
Man, you're wrong
It's only Judy
I'm telling you you're wrong
I love Judy
I'm crazy about that Judy
Judy, Judy, Judy!

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