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A Good Year For The Roses

Alan Jackson

I can hardly bear the sight of lipstick on the cigarettes there in the ashtray
Lyin' cold the way you left them but at least your lips caressed them while you packed
And a lip print on a half-filled cup of coffee that you poured and didn't drink
But at least you thought you wanted it an' that's so much more than I can say for me

But what a good year for the roses
Many blooms still linger there
The lawn could stand another mowin'
It's funny, I don't even care
When you turned and walked away
And as the door behind you closes
The only thing I know to say
It's been a good year for the roses

After three full years of marriage it's the first time that you haven't made the bed
I guess the reason we're not talkin': there's so little left to say, we haven't said
An' while a million thoughts go runnin' through my mind, I find I haven't spoke a word
And from the bedroom, the familiar sound of our one baby's cryin', goes unheard


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Composição: J. Chestnut / Jerry Chesnut. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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