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All Out Of Tune

Alesha Dixon

woah oahh
yeaaa; oh noo,

Listen, I don't have to say it just Listen,
Listen to the words that we just don't say right now,

I really want to Love you but i don't know how,
cant you hear how it's playing;
like guitars with broken strings!

there's never any home and need, don't cry, we don't know the sounds of a lullaby.

But the Truth is that it; Never should of gone this far and, it never would of been this hard, but I; I don't want to play this song, but i was never in Love,

It's all out of tune,
beats we need a new,
Can't you hear the Music,I believe it's you.
Cause it's all out tune,
can't you hear the lyrics?,
The words are meant to be,
the shots have cut too deep,
the sound is piercing in the song beats.

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