One more time your prejudices have preceded you. perhaps it was instilled in you way back from an early age.
Stereotypes are nothing but a catalyst for the ignorance.
The excuse that you were raised that way, is nothing but a crutch to justfy reason,
So blind.
We are all the same inside,
The common bonds we share.
It's all so clear.
How can you be proud of somthing you have no control over.
The similarities far out way our differences as human beings.
Regardless of what background you come from.
In this "evolved" society of confusion. closed minded lives.
That people live for so long.
We are all the same inside together as one.
It's now your time to see the lies...
I swear that you could change if you only could believe in the power of our voice.
It's all so clear. it's all so clear.

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