Letters from home is all I need
And futuristic dreams I can foresee
Please let me know the path is still open
And wash away my intense imagery
In this place you'll see no regret
Of what might have been

Giving a chance to start all this again
And believe there is something you'll never regret
Let me be the one who catches your tears, my dear diamond eyes

Forever I will be with you and I will be inside of you.
Don't ever try to forget all the love that we made.

The most precious jewels are not made of stone, instead they are made of flesh.

Don't close your eyes, girl, I insist when I say that
I will be the one who opens up your eyes
Drawing a new way all over your heart
And abolish, abolish all of our past dreams
And rebuild the barrier to new greater heights

This is the end of our last night, my dear diamond eyes,
Shine through the night like the precious jewel you are

Please don't ask me if I love you
Because that's a silly question I don't know what to do with you.
Complicated situation
The one I am going through
I guess we need some time to think.
Cry and hate me if you want to
I am stupid yes I know
I really don't know what I want

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