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Never Said Goodbye

Amanda Marshall

I had a friend, he lives
Down in old alberquerque
We used to watch the sun, coming up together
But he was hungry then
And he got restless, i
I heard he took a wife--
I think her name is heather

Oh, all've sudden i'm driving in the rain
With the santa fe horizon
Calling out my name
Should have done it sooner
But now i know it's time
Cause we said alot things, baby
But we never said goodbye.we were a team
We were the best of friends
We had a world where no one else could find us
The summer passed
September came too soon
And suddenly, that world was all behind us

Chorus 2:
Driving through the desert
With nothing on my mind
Than the thought of catching up
With a ghost i left behind
Don't know what i'll do,
But i know i've got to try
Cause we said alot of things, baby--
But we never said goodbye.i drove 1000 miles
Chasing a memory
But all the pieces of what used to be have scattered
And all the little things
That used to mean so much
I look around me now, and see
That they don't matter

Chorus 3:
Oh, all've sudden i'm driving home again
Cause sometimes goodbye
Is better left unsaid
The santa fe horizon will know the reason why
I said alot of things to you...
But i never said goodbye.
(ad lib till fade out)

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