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Beautiful Goodbye

Amanda Marshall

Fed with my destiny
and this place of no return
i think i'll take another day
and slowly watch it burn
doesn't really matter
how the time goes by
cuz i still remember you and i
and that beautiful goodbye

staggered through these empty streets
laughin' arm in arm
the night had made a mess of me
your confessions kept me warm
i don't really miss you, i just need to know
do you ever think of you and i
and that beautiful goodbye

when i see you now
i wonder how
i could've watched you walk away
if i let you down
please forgive me now
for that beautiful goodbye

in these days of no regrets
i keep mine to myself
and all the things we never said
i can save for someone else
and nothing lasts forever
but we always try
and i just can't help but wonder why
we let it pass us by


baby what can i do
oh to get through to you
and sometimes i cry, yeah
it's a fool's lullaby
and sometimes i cry
it's just a fool's lullaby
i'm dying inside

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