Can't you see it's burning so bright
Corruption in my eyes
Something from i cannot escape
Sins i won't wash away
You think that you know me so well
I bet you wanna try
But i'm gonna feed you with lies

I could be the one chance you have
To save you from yourself
I'm the woman i am the man
Fever that racks your flesh
I'll spread out over the borders
And introduce the crime
Fuck your bitchy gods doggie style

Demonize me 'cause i'm
Living lies you'll never know
You'll never know
Just before dawn i will
Turn the page i will be

You come here with your sexiest smile
And have the courage to
Tell me you exactly know what is right
And very good for me
I wonder how could you be so smart
You shouldn't worry man
I feel good the way that i am

You follow me everywhere i go
You say you love me so
Call me goddess and say i've got
Some pretty pretty lips
Try to palm your dick off on me
Don't need no dicks at all
I've got one enough of my own

Crucify me…

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