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Medicine Man (L.O.G.R.A.Y)


A dream was born one day long ago.
One man's fight for equality.
Through his eyes the teachings of a saint.
One man's fight against supremacy.
Never to this day,
Have his people seen his way.
If they listen he will tell
Or the dream will burn in hell.

Wasted lives,
Intoxicated youth,
The dream has died,
The pain will never soothe

March on, carry on.
We must teach the way of sanity.
Bring it back, (the dream) take it back,
For his people the only way.

Man, just one man.
We must believe.
That one man can change the world.
See, we must see.
We must believe.
The cure is right in our hands.
Be the Medicine Man !!!

A dream was killed and a scapegoat cries.
No chance for equality.
The world sat and watched him die.
We believed the insanity.
Still unto this day,
We watch it slip away.
Democracy of lies,
That they justify.

Deceived by control,
Governed with innocence,
Conspiracy the soul,
Suffering in ignorance.

March on, carry on.
We must earn the victory.
Bring it back, (the dream) take it back,
Learning from our history.

A man and his dream scared into reality.
Human spirit played the role.
Teaching the youth the way of morality.
Knowledge is the key, learning control.
Still unto this day, he will light the way.
Honored, embraced, we follow what he traced.

Believe in the one,
Seize the dream,
Take it all and run,
Find your self-esteem.

March on, carry on.
We must believe in the story.
Bring it back, (the dream) take it back.
Humanity not territory !!!

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