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  1. Black Empire
  2. A Vision Of The Valley Of The Cherubims
  3. On The Throne With Lucifer
  4. In Nomine Satanas
  5. Diabolic Possession
  6. (If paradise is) Half as Nice
  7. Black Thorn
  8. Camos God Of The Gods
  9. Bend Me Shape Me
  10. Endless Solitude
  11. Gin House Blues
  12. Hello Suzie
  13. High In The Sky
  14. Babylon, Might And Glory
  15. Lamentation And Praise
  16. My Soul Burns In The Hell
  17. Awakening Of Evil
  18. Opeth
  19. Procreation Of The Weakness (Celtic Frost Cover)
  20. The Creator´s Pride: The Anguish Of The Accused