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Lala salama
To the masai mara
And asante sana
To kichwa tembo

I'm going oloololo
Back to the world where I'm from
Soon I'll be flying solo
On a heading that follows the sun

Oloololo, oloololo, 'loololo

'cause I've been down from nairobi
Southeast of kisumu
To the waiting savanna
Like a place that I once knew

And the river was flowing
While the crocodile baked in the sun
With the elephant knowing
That a change had already begun

Oloololo, oloololo, 'loololo

Oloololo, oloololo
(lala salama) oloololo (to the masai mara)
(and asante sana) oloololo (to kichwa tembo)

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Composição: Dewey Bunnell / Gerry Beckley. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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