Look at you, fastened by sheltering blanket. Did you think I'dforget how
sweet you taste, nay my umbrageous heart still yearns for you,and still to
peruse your love is such a waste.

You lie there a vision of immaculate purity, yet your eyes revealthe
insatiable whore and now I'll love sucking your vitality withyou, my
pretty. I just want more.

First, I'll tear asunder thy mortal garments, unmasking your paledelicate
flesh, then, I shall ravage your lovebroken body. Sinking myteeth upon
your tender breast.

Violently, I'll fuck your pernicious cunt, while consuming theprecious
life-force, thoroughly enjoying the sweet flavor. I'll vampirizeyou,
Natasha, with no remorse.

Until you shrivel into your casket, I shall continue to vampirizeNatashaæ

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