People around you
And the fear of losing your life
Pain wraps your soul
Lady death will appear from the night
Fear of the death
While your body is destroyed on a bed
Heaven is your hope
But hell is what waits you instead

It stole my life
It stole my soul
It came as my lady death
My rotten mind, blood stops to flow
Together decomposed rests

Black Mantle spills all the blood
And you can’t feel the blow
Death let me rest
This disease is consuming my soul
Discord schyte, you wont get me even
With a trap
After this pain there’s always time for
Paying back

The time is passing, swearing and belessing
You try to reach out for peace
Whatever you do, whatever you say
It's coming for you and for me

Hate, disgrace, rotten minds
Your life ends, save your cries
Lady death, burning soul
Dying day, you don’t know

From this day on
Your soul will burn in hell
You don’t know
I won’t tell
As life ends
You lie, you pay the price
You lose, you die

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