A Blanket For The Nuclear Winter


And we'll talk for hours without saying a word
Dancing so closely forgetting of our third
The storms died the storms died tonight

Well take me, take me,
Take me on to the world that you'll never know
Well take me home
Hold me tight and promise you'll never go away
Well take me, take me home.

They'll just stay dead
And i try to let in some light
Its falling, it's falling apart

Sing one time
This last time now
Won't you give your hand to someone, someone who'll never let you go?

I see the blue light,
Staining your eyes with feelings of falling you just can't describe
So what if you caught my breath?
You're always on top so when you're alone and your dreams get caught with this empty i own,
Now i caught your breath
So take me away from here

Work on your wrists i can see in your eyes,
I'll be the one to hold you when you're dead because i am the world.

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