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Back In The Moment


I stare into Space
I'm in your Mind now
I did grieve you somehow
I stare into you
Will you bear more Pain?
I know your Thoughts
Drive me Insane

I close my Eyes
Alone in my Room
There is no silence in my head
I try to see the Truth
The way I loose

We're on the way
Back in the moment now

"Ich seh' in Deinem Herz [I see in your heart]
Deine Gedanken. [your thoughts.]
Ein Blick in Deine Welt. [A view into your world.]
Ich fühl' Deinen Schmerz. [I feel your pain.]
Die Zeit ist verloren. [The time is lost.]
Der Augenblick - der unsere Träume erhält. [The Moment that preserves our dreams.]

[Repeat Chorus 1x]

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Enviada por Rodrigo e traduzida por Rodolfo. Revisão por vampira. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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