This used to be the grandest part of town,
Now it's all scruffed up and subsiding into ground,
There's been markets, garbage riots,
Maydays and meteors in the streets,
Today it's just a place where we meet,
And i tell you about sleeping lions, slates and pool halls,
And you tell me about cheap tequila, placenames and fruit machines,
And i know you're always lying,
But is gets me everytime,

Down there's the place we dress up as mermaids for the day,
All tinsel, nylon and brocade,
And your sunglasses stuck with sequins from the shop dwon at the end,
Where they sell unlabelled tin cans,
You just guess what you're going to get,
And i tell you that this faded glamour's a stupid art-school idea,
And you tell me i don't know because i don't have to live here,
I could move away, probably will someday,

But you know what your faded glamour does to me,
It gets me everytime,
We could just walk around,
We could just walk all over town,
When there's nothing left to say.

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