My mind breaks and this is ok
Now I smell the breath of death
Undulations of smoke on my mind
Visions of someone else's life
I don't want you in my head all time.
Dark is the day and black is the night
My life's passing away, my life's all decay
My Satan - you are my vice
Addiction, this is my disguise
I don't want you in my head all time.
Now I am waiting for the dawn
To unleash my own hell
I see my blood on the floor
And I begin to decay
I feel the pain inside my head
I feel the dark taking my soul
I feel my body rotting and dead
I light my fire, smoke dances to me
I'm addicted, don't stop me now
Six milligrams, my oasis of pain
I pay the price, and I think it's ok
I just want you in my head.

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