The fury of (?) more excuses
Mostly balls need a depth
Just leave the answers lying
While keep them what I can't

Please cut me from the edge of my seat
While waiting for a change
Pull myself together
Students started insane

I'm taking what I want (x4)

You can see my failure
Easy enough to find
Do what you want, you akways talk a lot
I can't waste time

I could stand it with my baby
You know I'll keep her up all night
It's overblown, and it's not a joke
And you're on your own this time

I'm taking what I want (x4)

Given from the side lights
Seems to make the air smelt stains
Be locked up (?)
Gonna leave and never need the bed

Time is going by, and I'm off my feet
My head hurt from the pain
But the clock was a-ticking and (?)
and I promise to take this train

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