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You walked in and dropped the bomb you're telling me
You got sacked today
Gambled away the money that I put aside
And that Jill is having your baby

Now you're sorry and you want to come clean,
Well thank you anyway,
So go ahead now and shoot me redemption
Redemption from you

Did I ever tell your mother's a bitch
for giving birth to someone like you
Now you're stuck with me
How come you never please me
Tellin' me lies makin' me analyse
Can I have a minute here hey hello
I'm here to tell you bye
See you fuck you
Oh there goes my bell I am going away
I'm gonna get laid but not by you
I'm trough with you
I'm going away I'm gonna get laid but not by you
I'm trough with you
Come on come on

Hold your fucking horses
You can have what is yours
I will slit it cut life short
Ain't nobody's wife no more
My bitch for life if you might come back
You will find me dead bleeding on your floor
Are you sure

You're about to slit your wrists could you first listen to me
So you wanne leave it all behind but then
Always someone's gonna miss you
There is always someone who needs you here so put the knifedown
Take a gun instead

So go ahead and shoot me redemption
Redemption from you

This is what it's gonna be you ain't gonna change no more
That's something I can tell you that's for sure
All you ever say is c'est la vie I'm not gonna take it no more
Come on boy please me

Just go ahead and shoot me redemption
redemption from you

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