[Verse 1:]
Creep with me, as I crawl through your bloodstream
Dirty as the bathroom in New York club scenes
A chemical river that flows through veins of drug fiends
Ob-scene, un-clean, love between teens
It's chemical, phlegm that I spit, adrenaline kicks
Flow through your body, make it stressful as shit
What they inject into meat, into food you eat
Nowadays will make you lazy and wanna go to sleep
Chemicals seep in dirt, work deep in earth
Spin babies in the womb feet first at birth
Leaves embryonic fluid polluted and kids stupid
Fruit juice diluted, your drinkin' water putrid
The chemicals, heroine, built to be American
Pussies puke blood, baby mamas miscarriage-in'
Additives, preservatives, add to my nervousness
Bad when it surfaces, the madness is murderous
It's chemical

[Chorus: x2]
"So recognize when you feel it"
"What is it?" It's all chemical
"So recognize when you feel it"
It's chemical...

[Verse 2:]
It's probably the reason I'm havin' panic attacks
Can't manage to relax, got me brandishin' gats
Paranoid, thinkin' everybody's plannin' a trap
It's just a chemical inside me I managed to tap
And now there's fiends smokin' it, this weed's soaked in it
It's more than just trees with a little coke in it
A Pandora's box, stop, don't open it
The euphoric feelin' revealin' the opiate
Back when I was little and they had me on Ritalin
I was chillin', literally zombie-type feelin'
Addicted to caffeine like some sort of crack fiend
Let it post through my veins like powerful vaccines
You're dependent: toothpaste, soap, deodorant
A chemical addiction without even knowin' it
You listenin' right now? Your body is holdin' it
A chemical dependency, no way to get over it
It's chemical

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Anthrax, death threats, X, enhance sex
Steroids effects pecs, abs, and biceps
Advil relieves pain, trees deceive brains
Add a little chemical, you start to see things
Water filled with fluoride will fix up your teeth
Hormones are gettin' pumped in pigs, chicken, and beef
Alcohol slurs words, Mydol controls birds
Xanax calms your nerves if your brain's disturbed
Vitamin C for health, to take care of yourself
And you can even cure AIDS if you got enough wealth
Food coloring tricks you, glucose addicts you
All the dirty shit in food is why your clothes don't fit you
Red Bull pumps your energy, weed fucks with memory
Coke mixed with Hennessy turns friends to enemies
Pills to stop pregnancies, slow the flow steadily
Incredible, we're based on a chemical dependency
It's chemical


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