Mr Earthcrubbs, the financial major dealer
Dealing with people’s life
Made an empire with people’s tears
And still growing day by day

Now Mr Earthcrubbs got a plan
To be strongest than every man
In the old park he’s raising up a tower
His power will prevail...

Mr Earthcrubbs is the most feared man
No matter what the peoples say
About that night in December 25
It´s true...he planned all...

13 years passed and now it´s time...
To burry some ghosts from the past
It was part of the plan to take some other lives
No matter if he’s gone too far...

Who cares if he made some honests fail
And if he blew away so many dreams??
Oh, no, no...

Who cares if this is burning his soul?
Money can buy his regret??
Oh, no, no...

But he can feel that something can be wrong
He need to end his work faster

´Cos time can put you down
Time is running out...

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