Foto do artista Apraxia

Call Of Mother Nature


In the silence of the cold night
I've heard tearfull voice
That eerie call full of pain
Was brought to me by wanderer wind
From endless dark forests...

Rain, like someone's cry of trouble
Continues to fall from the sky
It's sound like someone's voice
Calls me again to go
I walk the thicket of the forest
Hearing that sound in the rustle of leaves
Looking for the thing which calls me
To know what everything is crying

By the unbeaten track
Into the heart of the leavy grove I rush
There's no more energy, I lower myself at the foot of the trees
The forest embraces me
To understand whose
Endless call my mind heard
Me to know the knowledge

Roots, grasses, branches, leaves
Are sprouting through the body
And impaling my chest and hands
Now - I'm a part of the forest
Part of nature, what I must be
What I've been in the ancient epoch

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