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Your Ol' Rock

Archer Park

Is there another man taking you away from me
Or is it something else making you want to leave
If I knew what you were needing maybe I could change your mind
You say there's nothing I've done wrong that you just need some time

And if your world starts to crumble right beneath your feet
And you hear a lonesome wind whisper you still love me
If your leaving finds you wanting to come back home to stay
Your ol' rock is just a stone's throw away

I tried my best to stop you and it's killing me to let you go
But if your heart's set on leaving darling I just want you to know
That there's an old familiar shoulder you can lean on any time
And you know you're always welcome back in these arms of mine

And if your world starts to crumble...
Yeah your ol' rock is just a stone's throw away

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