Looking through stained windows blue and out of my asylum
The keeper of the key has lost the way and locked the doors behind him
Beyond these walls and hallowed halls there shines a new horizon
Draw the blinds cause in my mind I am a rock I am an island

Enter the asylum, sanctuary waits
Through the gates of salvation never giving never living
The keeper's pleased to own you, there is always hell to pay
So on your knees and pray cause it's any given, any given day

Bleeding through the window pane a purgatory rain
Is drowning me in sorrow will it wash away the pain
Words before me answer not and yet forever trying
I'd give my life, the life I live, to live like I was finally dying

Listen to the wind blow, something's in the air
There's a bad moon rising
Keep denying keep on hiding here
In this house of the setting sun, counting one by one
All my numbered days and it's any given, unforgiven
Insurrection, resurrection, any live long day

Halo of empathy, shine for all but you deny me
Hate, rage, fear, they are here
Shaking like a wounded animal
Kept alive behind each door the keeper opens
Is a haunting memory
Whispers in the dead of night
The shadows of the liars
They have come for me

Halo of empathy shine for all but you deny me
Hate rage fear they are here
Shaking like a wounded animal

Please heaven rain on me
Wash away my disease
Halo of empathy shine on me
I believe, shine on merelease ten-fold this stranglehold
And I'll be free to live like I was finally dying

Burning the asylum, embers through the air
Through the gates of damnation
Rising from the ashes nothings going to keep me here
No one can ever own you, nor should you ever dare
Embrace the fear of any given, be forgiven
Insurrection, resurrection, any given day

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