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Peace Of Mind


In a race that never ends, never starts,
We're going nowhere fast,
We're heading for some trouble up ahead,
Give your mind to the music,
Open up, don't keep it locked inside.
All in all you know what's right from wrong.
Who's got more money, who's getting in free,
Well who needs to be any better than the next man,
Better than the next man, better than the next man.

Peace of mind,
Peace for mankind,
(repeat x4)

You can be who you wanna be,
Open your mind, don't keep it locked inside,
All in all you know what's right from wrong.
And I know i'm not alone,
When I say there's not much time, to find......

Peace of mind
Peace for mankind
(repeat x4)

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Composição: Lol Creme / O. Jacobs / Steve Beresford. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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