The present is so boring and the
future's looking dim
We must relive our heritage, that's where our pride begins
Back to the days of pageantry when the struggle was so plain to see
And the birth of our nation has given us the Land of the Free

The colonies were taken with the
gun and sword as proof
That the British couldn't tread on us, so we gave them the boot
Revolution was the key to form the 13 colonies
Built by blood and loyalty in the battle for democracy

13 stars and 13 stripes flew upon this nation's fight
Independence was at hand
Our forefathers fought for this land!

The minutemen took up their guns
when the battle came to them
When they saw the whites of their eyes the redcoat's war began
Then the mobs of working men, with fire and bricks and the noose joined in
To free the land that was their own and let their patriotic voice begin

A shot was heard across the world
and the eagle proudly soared
Behind that gun the army stood until the country was secure
Manifest destiny, a great domestic policy
Put the power in our hands, our glory owes our capital life to thee


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