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I Don't Want To Talk To You


You fall short
I'm not sure
Are you pretending?
On my block
I won't stop
I don't want to talk to you
That's too bad
That I'm not sad
I don't need to care
I don't think I
Can afford
To fight tonight
To fight with you
A another fight

Some worthless feud

It's makes me sick
And I don't think

In my court
Where I am king
Surrounded by my favorite things
Please start a riot
Give me a call
Though I am quite busy after all
I turn you in
To a toad
You forgot what you hadn't spoke
I wish you won't
Try to pretend
That you are still my best friend
Your best friend
Whose best friend?
My best friend
Whose best friend?
No one's friend
My best friend

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