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The Emperors' Theme (Outro)


Alone in my granite tower
I only feel sorrow and pain
May that be my last nightmare
May that be my last dream
The splendors of my lands belong to past and darkness
I am the last emperor of an earthless nation
The greedy modern nations submitted to deserts' religions had lead the fall of their world
Million men and only one brain
I am the armed arm of my great mother earth
I'll purchase the last survivors with the anger of my armies
I'll force them to scoff their money
I'll force them to drink their petroleum
I'll force them to eat their forests of concrete
I'll rape their deviant putrid morality
Soulless and without mercy we'll be the arms of vengeance
Our goal is to kill and clean this decadent world and its remains
We'll build the new order on the ruins of decadence
The ashes will nourish the lands
The earth of eternal nature
May I be the last emperor
May the earth be the law
May heathen be the blood
May this past be forgotten!

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