You get to believe
It'S impossible to say what lies ahead
When your eyes are closed
I cannot deceive
I can't tell you what to do with your life

You see I wish it was me
But I still live in hope
And this faith I cannot see
You see I wish this could have been me
It's impossible to believe in yourself

Is this really me
Is this really working out
Is this my destine
Come on over and see
Take a look inside my book of life

I took all the criticism that I could take
God knows I tried to make no mistake
But it always ended up the same
So I get up off my chair
Step on the right track
Take one step ahead
And never look back
Now all my endings turn and change
You see I always say what I feel
But I still don't know what to say to you
You see I always feel what I say
Nothing impossible
You see I
I always say what I feel
I always feel what I say
It's impossible
It's impossible
Oh oh oh oh
Some things they never change
Some things they never change
They neveer change.

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