He dreamed to govern land of worms
He makes his way for cave
And prays his own gods
He saves his pains.

Pride and cruelty give no rest
He who was haughtiness
His aim is "Sword Black souls"
Recondites far into the ground.

Unaware result of dark
Не wanted to get hold this sword
He doesn't care of fear
And overrides to all..

Pass by bat,which flies away
They're afraid of bright light
Maze of cave drowes deep down
Obscurity swallow up!!!

Dark light of cave
Whispers song of Death
Humid air compels
To gulp it more often.
Strange crack far off
Gathers round and catches
Shadows moving on the walls
He lights their evil face.

Colour of his blood was black
His generation always won
He didn't know defeat
He didn't like to repeat.

But in front he sees
Two burning torches
Under them was a grave
It has the black sword.

He seizes it very quick
And lets out a cry:
-Now I compel to all
-Weep tears of blood.

Now he's coming back to land
Sudden barrier on his way-
Demons rising in the end
They compel his to obey.

His dream brought him to blood
In this blood he had drown
He was a king without heart
For this he paid his own
He dreamt to govern land of worms
He makes one's way for cave
And prayed his own gods
But he became land for worms.

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