We are the ghosts of the midway
The beasts of the alley
We are the living dead
Living in your nightmares

Scraping ourselves from the earth
Living as though we are dirt
Staring like you've seen a ghost
The lowest of the low with nowhere to go

Back from the dead
Now we're groveling at your feet
Handcuffed for lying our heads
As we're withering in the streets

Fighting for your attention
Begging for your generosity
Looking up just to see you turn your cheek on me

You walk on by like I'm invisible
All I want is to be seen as an equal
We fought your battles
And we built your homes
Sorry if I disturbed you
I just wish we could live like you do

Even in our most beautiful days it's dark
Just look at the world around you
There's a consequence for what we do
Pass judgment on me as you walk
Picture perfect ain't my obsession
You can't sum up my life from a first impression
Learn your lesson

Act like you know me
But do you even know yourself?
When you got nothin'
You got nothin' to lose

I may have no one else to blame
But listen to me
You and I
We were once the same

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