What's the problem, where's the solution?
We're confused to know what's right
I see lost people, every man for himself
Surviving in hell

To find a way, finding some reasons
About what is right or wrong
Never give up, life is just one
What will be tomorrow?

Follow and fight the last day
Where's the light? I see only darkness
Misery and chaos, I see no future to society

Silence in society
Silence in society
Voice of chaos only in this day
Silence in society
Silence in society
Will be tomorrow like shit always

Conformed to the situation
Not ready to the next round
It's the price for hide living
My place in the underground

Without know where to stop
Deep crisis knocks them out
This is not enough for me
I lost the battle but I'll win the war

Silence in society
Never open your mouth cause we'll be hunted
To survive every day
Bad or nice guys, who are the strangers?
Silence in society
To survive every day

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