She left the home with the lathe operator
She was pushing 50, he was 61
Her husband Jack
He's raking leaves out the back
Taking it out on his garden
In the summer sun

They always said she was man crazy
Really they were glad that she'd run away
They always said she was man crazy
All the back fence bantams
Finally had something to say

She had the personality of an iron maiden
He's gonna come home early
After working at the mill
And in the evening
There would be trouble on the doorstep
She's the valium vampire
He's the king of the sleeping pill

Of those to see her go
Perhaps I was the gladdest
She taunted me and scorned me all my life
I sing this E minor moan
Because I'm glad she left the home
Gonna let her calloused factory lover
Get her into strife

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