The Internet Is For Porn

Avenue Q

-The internet is really really great
--For porn
-I've got a fast connection so I don't have to wait
--For porn
-There's always some new site
--For porn!
-I browse all day and night
--For porn!
-It's like I'm surfing at the speed of light
--For porn!


--The internet is for porn


--The internet is for porn

-What are you doing!?

--Why you think the net was born?
--Porn porn porn


--Oh hello kate monster

-You are ruining my song

--Oh me sorry, me no mean to

-Well if you wouldnt mind please being quiet for a minute so I can finish?

--Okey Dokey


-I'm glad we have this new technology

--For porn

-Which gives us untold opportunity

--For por-oops, sorry

-Right from you own desktop

--For -

-You can research browse and shop
-Until you've had enough and your ready to stop

--For porn!!


--The internet is for porn!


--The internet if for porn!


--Me up all night honking me horn to porn, porn, porn!

That's gross you're a pervert

Ah, sticks and stones kate monster

No really, your a pervert
Normal people don't sit at home and look
At porn on the internet



You have no idea
Ready normal people?

Ready--- ready ----ready

Let me hear it!

The internet is for porn!

Sorry kate

The internet is for porn!

I masturbate!

All these guys unzip their flies
For porn, porn, porn!

The internet is not for porn!!

Porn!, porn, p---

Hold on a second!

Now I know for a fact that you, rob, check your portfolio and trade stocks online

That's correct

And brian, you buy things on amazon. Com


And gary, you keep selling your possesions on ebay

Yes I do!

And princeton, you sent me that sweet online birthday card


Oh, but kate-
What you think he do. . . After? Hmm?



The internet is for porn!


The internet is for porn!

I hate porn

Grab your dick and double click

I hate you men!

For porn, porn, porn!
(Harmonizing) porn, porn, porn, porn

I'm leaving!

Porn, porn, porn, porn
Porn, porn, porn, porn

I hate the internet!

Porn, porn, porn, porn

The internet is for

The internet is for

The internet is for porn!


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