To my fucking disbelief, after all this time you still breathe
Iou’ve chosen your own demise
Bearing the blueprints for this insurrection
I’ve ruined who I once strived to be
And become your fucking nightmare

I’ve become a nightmare
They taught me to leave the world behind
This burden – personified my hatred
It's absorbed me, distorted me
Disfigured my desire for explanation

It's disfiguring me, rebuilding me
Weaponising me, reprogramming me
Ieverely warped and scarred
Humanity is all but a whisper

Unrelenting, unstoppable
Venomously taking revenge upon everyone
Upon you. I once searched for compassion
The light in my eyes has left me

I will crush every hope
From the wretched fucking life you’ve wasted
I will destroy this fucking disgrace you have become

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