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About To Be

Aztek Trip

Hold your head up baby
Hold your head

All this time we will redefine
Every line in this life of ours
It's so incompetent
But then we still keep on changing
In this life of how we used to be
Where's the beat
We're about to be

Sew my eyes shur
So that i cannot hide
We're subject to changes
And there's changes taking place
Keep on running
Cause they'll soon catch up to you
When they get a hold of you
They'll never give up

So you turn to me
And whisper things in my ear
Explain to me how
We're about to be
Created the same individual
Means nothing
Our characters labeled plain
And society has nothing to say

Why? you blame me for everything
Then you hide
You take away my everything
I can't believe you
I can't believe that about you

yeah, yeah they'll never give it up
Yeah, yeah theres changes taking place

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