Running a price check on a loaf of bread
Paper or plastic going crazy in my head
Someone told me a tale about Chuck and Diane
Steve Hart is the leader in the chain of command
Pickup on the front, carts are on the lot
Make a bank run, run some back stock
As long at lunch that I am fed
Lyn Hall said "That's what she said"
Jeff Pawling is a great Kiyardo
He and others deserve a trip to Key Largo
Dastoli's in the house, Lana laughs funny
Danny's gone fishing, working for money
None of us dread going to work
We all live to be grocery clerks
No matter what dept. that we are affixed
Were in it together at FL266
Top 'o the mornin' to you
Excuse me while I tie my shoe
Is the Man on the hit list
Gloria scans at Store 266
Time to sweep and mop. Donuts are MVP
The stockers are cute, Bond is on the scene
There is some cleaning to be done
If we can't slack we can't have fun
They say that the customer is our boss
Stop the shoplifter, prevent the loss

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