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Ha ha
Gotta be one of them baby blue joints
Turn it up a notch let me see them speakers rock
Choclair featuring Mr. Mints
[Some fans right here]
Hey Mints whos this joint going out to
[What come on]

This is for my street misses
The ones who like to creep misses
In the backseet of my jeep misses
This is for the haters [Ho]
The ones who floss with no dough
We loves them all
You know that we loves them all

Now people say they wanna go
We bring it to the streets
Realize that its too far
So when I bring it where they are, where they are
To the niggers at home
Doin dishes with their ma
Out back playin ball with pa
I don't hate but its love
And I only wanna go where real thugs
Show love to niggas who came nothing that rose above
And broke they balls to be a star
Now they shine bright never stood got a brighter light
See its funny to me how people wanna go and bad talk me
But in a few years they be puttin chips in your skin and get yourI.D.
Yet you suckas wanna hate on me
Get your priorities right,
I don't fight sit back with a corny ass spot
Give you more of that swamp dog thing you been lookin
??? under your foot on the floor
Have faith yall shouts tha funk that stank
That pumps the radio that pumps the geez in my bank
Stick your whole foot off the plank
Wookie niggers wanna step up a shot equals rank
equals take over war
Uniforms playing their stripes been torn rippin for the
T O R O N T O T dot O dot yall


Yo Yo yo
I was tryin to live
Only take what you was tryin to give
Hungry take you for a ride in the six
You ain't the only one I'm tryin to hit
Plenty other chicks I end up with
You know try to scoop them up
Especially when the roof is up
Even hop in the coup or truck
Its all the same
Just don't play no games
Like Shauna I really don't do this much
I'm not a family man
I'm in your dreams like candyman
Plus I only touch girls named candylamb
When I'm in candyland
sweet enough to eat it up like candy yams
Call me handy man
Take tickets to the sandyland
I never hauk chicks like a landlord man
I take a girl love on a family plan
Thats why these chicks can't stand me man

(Chorus x2)

This is for my ballas
My huslas my my my brothers
Who like, like my sistas
Who love it beneath the covers
For my thugs, my soldiers
Tryin to get them overs who won't stop for nothin'
You want hits we bust

Yo yo peoples have a man whos an ameteur
Don't care whether you come through with a crew makin noise sothey boost ya
Cause niggaz just cruise for wa loose cause they think what theydrop is a shot like the shoota
But I aint' what you used to
I'm a familiar like a brewster
T dot, T dot
See watch out the heat we bring
Swamp dog gonna spread your wings


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