I heard it said you had come back from the dead
you were playing so fine, scooping up the soul of the wine
now courage my boy when they look you in the eye
try not to look too scummy
if you need some money (and you want their money)

Now i know
This ain't no happy place to be
You know they're nice around me
you know they're nice about me
and everyone agrees,

About what's won in a year from here, my friend
promises promises
You've heard it all before

but nobody ever, ever get me more

oh yes, courage my boy
When you look them in the eye
that they laugh if they try to be funny

all along, ohhhhh belong
you're still my son
and coin my words
oh its absurd how you get so
verry old man
typical tan
took me in hand
to the old land oh

twenty three hour
banged or bruised

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