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Missing You

Backstreet Boys

Oh baby i'm missing you
We used to love so strong
Tell me where did we go wrong
Oh baby i'm missing you
They say i'll learn to forget
But it sure ain't happen yet

Been checking up the places where we used to go
And looking for your face inside the crowd
I've been talking to the people that we used to know
But nobody wants to say where you hang out

And when i call your phone
Seems like you're never, ever home
And you don't return my calls
It tears me up
Its breaking up my heart


I still have your picture hung around my room
Its the only thing that's left of you with me
Girl, what can i do to make you come back soon
And make it just the way it used to be

Oh is it someone new
That can never go on without you
Girl i don't wanna think about it
I can't sleep at night
No this can't be right
Come back into my life (come back, baby come back)


I know there's a chance for you and i
And i believe there's no way our love could die
So no matter how long it takes, i'll wait for you
And whatever it takes, i'll be there for you
I'll be there (x2)

Chorus (to fade)

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