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Where Can We Go From Here

Backstreet Boys

I tried to pick the pieces up
And I can't think of starting over
We used to share the stars above
I don't wanna think it changed
And now I gotta move on
I've gotta catch up to the world
Even though I gave you my life
As wrong as it seems I know it's right
But is there a trace that I can go away
To escape the love that I will forever know

Where can we go from here
All I know is that I love you still
Sometimes we do things against our will
I know I cry lonely tears
Where can we go from here

Why, why do I cry inside
When love is gone away
And how,How can I carry on
When I know all the love is gone
Where can I go to get away
From the pain of loving you
Tell me where

Tell me where


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