Loyalty is conditional. You're misinformed
So they tug at your heartstrings to mask what's underneath

Emotions are running high
So it's like nobody notice a lie
Using false security as a bribe
But have you ever thought about as to why
These people will go around
Hoping that you frown
At the idea like the sky's falling down
They use it to control you
Like they package up and own you
Tap your fears and act like this
But ask yourself
Is this really a path you feel?
Selling your soul cheaper than a happy meal
It's sad to hear when you cling to a bad idea

Speak in lies
Deny and imply
That we could not get by
Without you
Rule through fear
It's clear that you're here
To lead the sheep to shear
Their lives away

Entrust our faith to those who bend the knee
To the underlying hate that you helped create
So step back, the picture is bigger than you think
How can you open your eyes
When you're blinded by a catch phrase?

Worth the time
Or worth the fine?
I work to find
Solutions, but it hurts when my
Family falls for the okie doke
Kind of like Obama
We saw and we know he choked
Know what she wrote, bro
Said he was gonna bring the troops home
Got in and started singing a new song
But he's cool so they thinking he can't do wrong
Bomb more countries than Bush
But I got a new phone

We know what it is
Giving you the biz
I'm saying you ain't gotta lie to me
We know you got it wrong
But you're not alone
I'm not asking for apologies
I'd much rather you
In a battle mood
Waking up smelling the coffee
I'm just stressing
To spread the message
Before they turn around and just off me

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