All my dreams are hunting me
Nothing seems to be for real
Can people change this world
Around, can people change
My life to come
It's been too many night of fear
It's been too many days not clear
Can you belive the world they say
Can you control the righteous way
I even out my life
I even try to fight my
war and piece goin' round and round
Year by year am I the only one?!
So you think I'm doin' fine
Stealing things
That are not mine
Be careful what you do wish for
You end up losing even more
Feel bad for you, so sad for you
I'm so done with you, overcome all the
Overnight sensationsand my patience
Creates my ghost, yeah my patience
Creates my.
Many men have travelled far
To try it all over from the start
Who you are is what you get
There is nothing that you can reset
You boyz just can't resist
Resist what girls won't miss

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