I've been too crazy I don't feel that good
Just breaking things around the neighborhood
Some people say you're walking on really thin ice
But I don't care cause I ain't that nice

Throw away the garage and clean up my act
Every inch is fucked that's a matter of fact
Everybody think that you will leave her and betray
So what's the point of splashing when you can go the whole way

How could I be so wrong
How could I be so damn wrong
Every minute I'm in it
Always been a bit too strong

Tried to pay my shrink with another drink
Ice-cubes bigger than a hockey-rink
Every now and then we get together and there's peace
The smaller currency's the more we're hurting these

Dropped out of school I don't wanna stay
Everyday I dreamt about the holiday
I'm gonna go now and leave it all
No arms no legs no cookies can someone please catch my fall

I'm tired of bein' an unemployed millionaire
I'm sick of being a Swedish tourist-souvenir
I'm sick of this
I'm bored with that
I'm happy with
Nah I won't tell you that
Do live the life
Do pay the price
Do not follow my advice

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